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Maine Anti Gravity Systems is a company devoted to helping the medical community with assisted walking and gait training.  We specialize in the manufacture and distribution of  suspension harnesses to accomplish this goal. 



The 695 SHBD MAGS Suspension Vest is a safe and reliable suspension harness for assisted walking, unweighting therapy, gait training, stroke and spinal chord rehabilitation.  Using a patented "Chinese Finger Trap" methodology, the MAGS Vest grips the torso and hips when upward force is applied.  Evenly distributed pressure keeps the harness in place with the most comfortable fit.  Easy to put on and take off, the MAGS Harness allows the therapist more treatment time.  With more sizes to choose from, the MAGS Harness System offers the best range of treatment options. 

Adjustable leg wraps provide additional control of the harness placement with minimal interference to the patient.

The MAGS Harness is available worldwide and is the state of the art designed for most lifting systems. 

Choose "Contact Us" for specific pricing, availability and sizing assistance. We look forward to serving your needs with this suspension harness system. 


      Sizing Chart       Measured 2" Below Umbilicus       5cm Below Umbilicus(belly button)              Color Code

  • X-Small                     24" - 28"                     60.8cm - 71cm                                            Gray
  • Small                         28" - 32"                     71cm - 81.4cm                                           Yellow
  • Medium                     32" - 36"                       81.4cm - 91.5cm                                               Red
  • Double Medium         34" - 38"                     86.5cm - 96.5cm                                         Purple
  • Large                         36" - 40"                     91.5cm - 101.6cm                                        Blue
  • X-Large                      40" - 44"                    101.6cm - 111.8cm                                     Green
  • 2XLarge                     44" - 48"                    111.8cm - 122cm                                         White
  • 3Xlarge                      48" - 52"                    122cm - 132cm                                            Orange
  • 4XLarge                     52" -56"                     132cm - 142.5cm                                         Brown
  • 5XLarge                     56" - 60"                    142.6cm - 153cm                                          Pink


The Size is determined by measuring 2" below the umbilicus (belly button) tightly around the torso.


We also offer Pediatric Vests. 

















The MAGS Harness is an assisted walking harness designed for use with other appropriate medical hardware devices used to help people with gait training and other assisted walking needs.

It is not intended for or to be used for lifting people off the ground.

It is also not intended to be used as a safety harness in the workplace when operating from heights.

It has two sliding "D" rings, one on each shoulder strap, which connect to most existing anti gravity lifts for assisted walking. 

Maine Anti-Gravity Systems, Inc. does not provide hardware or connecting straps.

Any injury or damage resulting from the use of this harness with unqualified, inappropriate, or inadequate types of equipment is not the responsibility of Maine Anti-Gravity Systems, Inc.

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